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Violence In Dating

How Can I Tell If My Partner Will Become Violent?

Physical violence to another person usually has early signs such as: verbal abuse, bullying of others – particularly smaller and weaker persons, cruelty to animals, blaming others for one’s own problems/faults, general “macho” behavior.

If They Hit Me Once, Will They Hit Me Again?

Sometimes, men who batter women only do it one time; but, more often the battering becomes more severe and more frequent. There may be many promises made by the man who batters, never to abuse her again, and the woman may threaten to break off the relationship if it ever happens again. “Actions speak louder than words”. If the woman does not follow through on her threat to end the relationship, it is viewed by the man who batters as a “bluff”. Her threats become meaningless – her continued presence says to him that it’s okay to continue the violence.

Why Does Someone Stay With Someone Who Abuses Them?

There are many factors involved: His promises to never hit her again may be very convincing; she may feel she is the one and only person who understands him and can help him; she may “block out” and minimize the battering episodes and focus on the good times together; she may become falsely convinced that she causes his outburst or that she deserves the battering; she may be truly afraid and in terror of what he would do if she broke off the relationship.

If Someone’s Family is Violent, Will They Become Violent After Marriage?

Some children grow up in violent homes and, having seen the violence and the horrible consequences, will turn away from the violence. Many continue the violent patterns from the models of their parents. Men who batter often were abused themselves as children and/or witnessed their mothers being battered.

My Partner Shows Very Little Respect For Me At Times, And They Have Slapped Me - But They Are Very Loving. I’m Confused. What Should I Do?

Men who batter women are the “Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde” type. There is usually a recognizable “Cycle of Abuse”, with three stages, in violent relationships. The first stage is tension building, the second stage is the actual battering, and the third is the “I’m sorry. I love you. I’ll never do it again” stage. In general, the battering becomes more severe and more frequent unless intervention occurs.

Women In Search of Empowerment (W.I.S.E.) Program

W.I.S.E. is an adult education and support group for women who share life experiences as they relate to abuse. General domestic abuse information, facilitated discussion, and participant concerns are addressed each session.

Topics Covered

  • Legal Issues
  • Financial Issues
  • Safety Issues
  • How to Handle Stress
  • AODA/Mental Health Information
  • Grief & Loss
  • Self-esteem
  • Conflict & Communication

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